Welcome to Breakaway Statistics!

We are here to help you through your fantasy hockey season. Our goal is to provide easy to understand recommendation that will help you win your fantasy hockey league. We’ll be building this site throughout the year adding weekly recommendations for waiver wire pickups and providing deeper analytics. Our recommendations are based on machine learning models to help us make the best recommendation for you!

Throughout the site we use win share to compare categories and rank players. Using win share helps answer the question “Which is better 1 goal, 2 assists or 5 blocks?” Win share is defined by the number of stats the player is expected to compile during a game divided by the expected number of stats needed to win the category for the week. This helps us show the value of each player and compare value between stat categories.

Full disclosure this is a hobby site for now and there are certainly some oddities in the data… will Brendan Smith breakout and be an all star short handed point getter this season? Probably not. So use your common sense with some of the recommendation and don’t blame us if you come in last in your league this year. You likely pulled that off all on your own.

Cheers and good luck this season!